Christ's Kids Preschool

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Registrations being accepted for the Fall of 2017-2018 school year.


We encourage parent participation. If you would like to be involved you may do so in many different ways.
  • Chaperoning a field trip is a great way to become involved. During the school year we take field trips with both classes and we need parents to accompany us. Please remember we like to give every parent that is interested an opportunity.
  • Periodically contribute snacks for class or class parties ( Snack Suggestions ) - PLEASE REMEMBER NO PEANUT OR NUT PRODUCTS.
  • Donate supplies periodically posted on the parent board and giving tree in the lobby.
  • Can always use napkins, tissues, cups for snack time and art supplies or scrap materials of any kind.
  • Volunteer to read to the class.
  • Share your occupation or special hobby with the class.
  • We have an open door policy, and you are welcome to visit the classroom at any time.